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Who we are

We started our journey in 2001 to introduce Networking technologies in kerala and we are adding new job streams as per the growing job industry. we are proud of that our thousands of students are in the top position worldwide.

Our ethics, training Quality and placement records made us the leader in the industry. And we are continuing our journey with a team of industry leading trainers, for guiding & training you in current & future trending technologies in IT and management industry.

We believe that quality training is the breathing essential for a student to become a qualified professional. And we assure you that we are committed to prepare you as a professional in various field of job industry. We are the leading provider of quality education in kerala.

We expanded our services worldwide through online & offline platform to provide cost effective education for foriengn citizens.

Why Choose Us

23 Years of proven Excellence Building a Legacy Embracing Innovation

Best Infrastructure

Our Lab is being installed with the most modern machines to cover all the theory topics in clear & easily digestible format

Quality Training with Optimum Environment

Network Academy thrusts primarily on quality education and training. Hence we provide students optimum learning environment, taking industry demands as the benchmarks

Education Loan Facility

We provide education loan to eligible candidates with "0" percentage of interest.

Experienced Faculty-Quality Asset

A team of highly qualified Professionals with years of experience in the industry, helps your way towards a bright career

Value Added Service

We consider our commitment to guidance and providing Lifetime Technical support in your career. Also We will craft you for passing any IT Global Certification in your career, whenever you need.

Placement Support

Our efficiant placement wing will provide you career support until you get the 1st Job.

Our Courses

Job Focused Courses to Give You a Better Career

Popular Courses

Trending Courses in 2023


Networking's highest peak conquered, CCIE stands as a beacon of excellence.

Data Visualization

Data made beautiful, insights revealed, data visualization's transformative power.


Python: A versatile language empowering creativity, simplicity, and problem-solving prowess.

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity: Defending data fortresses against the relentless forces of intrusion.

Hospital Administration

Hospital administration: Balancing compassion, resources, and innovation for patient-centered care.

Logistics & SCM

Efficiency's conductor, logistics harmonizes the symphony of supply and demand.


Internsip Programs in Data Science, Ai, Software Development & Networking

Academic Projects

Tecno-Stair is the missing link between your academic studies and work experience. Our internship is purely in client side project under the guidance of project leaders and supervision of project head Our internship program is unpaid as the main aim is for the intern to achieve their objectives


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Key aspects of ethical hacking

Ethical hacking is always done with proper authorization from the owner of the target system or network. Unauthorized hacking is illegal and considered unethical.

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